Letting them demonize us

So, in Gainesville, there's yet another group using the "predator in the woman's room" scare tactic to encourage the repeal of laws to protect transpeople.

I'm sick of this. But what's even more frustrating is the lack of alternate images we're presenting to the public. While it's nice to tell people that we're not a bunch of predators and pervs, we aren't really giving them any examples of real transpeople to base their opinions on. That's why I'm suggesting a project.

The goal of this project is to give exposure to the people who are most affected by the law being protested- trans people who wish to use a bathroom in peace, without the fear that someone's going to call security, or worse. We need to let people know exactly who they're taking rights away from, and what that really means.

To participate, make a video, and tell the world how laws preventing transpeople from using the bathroom that best matches their identity hurts transpeople. Mention incidences of discrimination from your own life, or from the lives of others you know. Finally, finish off with the words "I just want to pee in peace" (or some variant of that).

It's time to stop letting anti-equality groups define transpeople in the eyes of the public. Let's let them know that we're real people who just want a chance to pee in peace.

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Edit: The Pee In Peace YouTube group