Another gay man denied refugee status; Sean gets sarcastic

So, Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board has denied the Refuge claim of Joaquin Ramirez, who fled from El Salvador after he was raped by police officers.

Ramirez, who volunteered with the Salvadoran Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, says that his rapists threatened to kill him after contracting the virus from him.

All around, I'm disappointed. The thing that pisses me off the most though, is the fact that he was criticized for not bringing his complaints to the police in El Salvador.

Because, after all, he has a reason to trust that the police will act in his best interest, right?

Another complaint was that he was already considering moving out of the country before the assault. Of course, no gay man would ever want to leave a country known for it's strong homophobia- that would be just silly!

Yes, Canada, I'm really proud of you right now. Who knows what horrible things might happen if you granted this man refugee status! Just look at what he's done with his life so far- gainful employment, volunteer work with several organizations, and providing education on safe sex! We wouldn't want anyone like that in our country, would we? *headdesk*

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