Queerphobia: Why?

Sometimes I wonder why so many people really care what's in my pants, and what's in my partner's pants. Is it really any of you business?

I mean, I could understand if there were something non-consensual going on- hell, I'd rather hope you would act to stop any non-consensual acts- but the majority of us aren't into rape or molestation. So how do you justify trying to control my sex life?

It really gets to me. People discriminate against us queers, simply because they don't like the fact that our sex lives are different than their's. never mind the fact that it's really none of their business, and it has no effect on them whatsoever, unless they're planning on joining in.

Every day, we hear about crime, famine, disease, war- the list goes on- but what's really important is what bits I have, and who I'm having sex with. Hell, I can be killed over this, simply because my gender presentation does not match my anatomy, and because of whom I'm attracted to.

Really, don't you people have something better to do? I mean, if you're spending more time thinking about my genitals and what I do with them than I do, there's obviously some sort of problem. I suggest you find a hobby.

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